The prestigious annual Cornwallis Lecture is organised under the auspices of the Kent Masonic Museum & Library Trust to promote Masonic thought, discussion, and understanding.

The inaugural lecture, “Freemasonry Universal”, was written and delivered by the late The Right Honourable The Lord Cornwallis in September 2002. It was delivered at the Winter Gardens, Margate, and was attended by approximately 600 Freemasons and their ladies.

Each year a number of applicants, working under a strict set of rules regarding content, submit a lecture for selection. The final choice from all the applications is made alternately by the Provincial Grand Master of East Kent in one year, and West Kent the next year. Once the lecture is chosen, only six official presentations of it take place during that year, and a calendar and list of venues is published by the Trust.

The 2018-19 Lecture by W.Bro. ADG (Tony) Harvey PAGDC (West Kent) is entitled

‘The Future of Freemasonry – Evolution & Change’ 

and can be seen on the following dates:

Monday 24th September 2018
Cornwallis Lodge of Installed Masters No. 9515 – Dover
Secretary: W.Bro. Nigel Fitz

Friday 16th November 2018
West Kent 1st Principals Chapter No.5778 – Bromley
Scribe E: E.Comp Roger Friend

Wednesday 16th January 2019
De Shurland Lodge No. 1089 – Sheerness
Secretary: W.Bro. David Wraight

Thursday 17th January 2019
West Kent Masters Lodge No. 5778 – Bromley
Secretary: W.Bro. Dave Campbell

Friday 18th January 2019
East Kent Masters Lodge No. 3931 – Canterbury
Secretary: W.Bro. Bob Burns

Saturday 23rd February 2019
West Kent Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No. 8565 – Bromley            Morning 10:30am
Secretary: W.Bro. Hari Williams

Others wishing to receive the Lecture my contact W.Bro. Harvey but no date will be considered unless it is after April 2019.

Freemasons who would like an opportunity to join the august band of Brothers who have been selected as Cornwallis Lecturers, can download here:-

Completed applications must be submitted to the Cornwallis Lecture Coordinator by 31st January each year.

Click here for a list of previous lecture titles. Full transcripts of all previous Cornwallis Lectures are available to view in our Library and subject to availability can be purchased via our shop.

Lodges in the Provinces of East and West Kent can also apply via the Trust’s Secretary to be considered as a venue for one of the six exclusive presentations of the Cornwallis Lecture’

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