Our Library complements the Museum in supporting its aim to inform and educate not only masons but also the general public by giving them access to masonic material for further study.

It contains in excess of 3000 volumes comprising general masonic reading, books on individual masonic orders, reference and research books of many Masonic Study Groups, histories of Lodges, Chapters and other Provinces.

For those who wish to investigate their Kentish masonic family history there are Provincial yearbooks dating from 1879.

We have books for all levels of interest, from the casual reader to the serious student.

There is also a whole bookshelf containing books particularly selected to help the newer mason through his early years.

The reading room, seen here, has Wi-Fi access

The Church Collection
Donated by W.Bro. Church from Maidstone, The Church Collection is a large compendium of genealogy books covering south east England. It contains a variety of local and family history books covering the region.


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